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  The web site is under construction!  

If you are a Web master of this page, please read the following. 

  1.   The page you see is called Default.asp and this is one of several default documents which will be shown if there is no explicitly specified document in URL. In order to stop showing this page you can delete, rename or replace it with your own Default.asp file. Here is the list of other default documents:
      Default.aspx, Default.htm, Default.asp, Index.asp, Index.html, Index.htm.
      The order of precedence is important. If you have 2 or more default documents our server will show the one which goes earlier in the list.
      You also can specify your own default documents. In order to do that, you'll need to login at, click on "Web" button and click on "IIS Setup" tab. 
  2.   If you don’t have a web site yet you will need to find a tool that is more convenient for you to build it. At this time we do not have an online web site builder. It is a fact that most online web site  builders are less sophisticated and less convenient that tools installable on your computer. Many of modern applications have build in ability of making HTML files – web files. All of MS Office applications have this ability.
  3.   Please, upload your web content to the same folder where this default document is residing. You have 2 ways of uploading.
      1) Use FTP. Make sure that your FTP is turned into passive mode (Most likely).
      In order to get your FTP address, login at and click on the “Web” button. Click on one of the FTP links or copy and paste it into a Web Browser or other FTP client.
      2) If FTP upload fails or amount of files you wish to upload is insignificant you are welcome to use our web based file manager.  In order to start uploading login at, click on “File manager” link, choose your files with “Browse” buttons and click on “Upload” button.
  4.   At this time our servers support Plain HTML files (extention *.htm, *.html), Active Server Pages (extention  *.asp), ASP.NET 1.1 & 2.0, and Macromedia Flash. You can also store any other types of files.
      In order to execute your page after uploading you need to specify name of the page after your site name (Ex. Your site name is “”, the page name is “MyFirstPage.html”. In order to execute this page you need to type following in your browser: “”). If you have any of default documents it’s not necessary to add it after the site name.
  5.   We now support ASP.NET 2.0. However, by default, your site will use ASP.NET 1.1 binaries. In order to change it you'll need to login at, click on "Web" button and click on "IIS Setup" tab.
  6.   Initially you have less disk storage assigned to your web site than it’s advertised.  In order to increase it you need to login at, click on “Web” button, click on “Resources” tab, click “Add” button.
  7.   Here are some of conditions of our web hosting
  • Adult or illegal content is not allowed.
  • Any type of fraudulent web sites (fake banks, credit card companies…) will be deleted immediately and IP addresses of owners will be reported!
  • Our free web servers can not be used as a  file storage. These are Web Servers.
  • Our web servers can not be used as a source of images and or media for other sites (hot linking)
  • Web site can not contain viruses of any kind.
  • Web site must be visited at least 10 times a month.


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